Festival Thoughts.

We open on Saturday, and then it’s a 7-weekend rollercoaster ride, followed by our wedding immediately afterward.

I’ll be posting my traditional “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” weekend-by-weekend wrap-ups, of course.

Thoughts, after attending Site Day and the final Chess Match rehearsals this past weekend:

  • The energy out there is noticeably more bawdy than it has been in years. This is a good thing. The DisneyJesus Festival is no more?
  • The Chess Match will rock….barring any total flake-outs. I’m still not 100% convinced that a couple of the “problem performers” won’t just quit part-way into the run.
  • My confidence is waaaaaaaaaaay up. I feel better (and, apparently, look better, or so I’m being regularly told) than I have in a while. Playing Casanova (Supernova, ChevyNova) will be a blast-and-a-half. I do, however, still have some nagging doubts (this is ME, after all) — will I be able to physically do it? The new boots (and the dropped weight) make things better on my ankles, but I still get post-activity pain in the evenings. I need to force myself to sit when I can. I don’t need to be standing all the time.
  • I’m still missing the focus of a stage show. Ah, well.
  • Current weather forecast for Labor Day weekend: only a 30% chance of scattered storms Saturday and Sunday, highs in the upper 70s. Sunny and low 80s on Monday.

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  1. You have totally made my day with that last bullet point.

    And congratulations on the newfound energy and confidence. I look forward to interacting at the kitchen :)

  2. – I don’t know that we can say that the DisneyJesus Festival is no more…but those who come out expecting to see what they’ve seen before may be in for a bit of a surprise. We can hope, however, that the overall tone of the scenario will give people the idea that playing it bawdier is a good thing, and hence the rest of the cast may follow suit.

    – Once the run gets underway, it’s infinitely less likely that people will flake out on the Chess Match, actually, unless they get their asses booted out of the festival completely.

    – Speaking as someone who must pace herself to be able to physically survive the run, the best thing you can do is simply listen very closely to your body…that is to say, when stand only so long as your ankles are taking it reasonably well, and when you have a hint you should sit, don’t try to muscle through…fucking sit down. Make sure that while sitting you continue to keep your ankles flexible as possible and then when your ass is numbing up…then get up and get moving. Note that a perfectly acceptable position for the big C to be performing in is seated with courtesans or some other woman draped over him. Take advantage of that.

    That said, you will still get to deal with pain issues in the evenings. Do all the things one can to reduce such issues holistically…even if all those things can do is help with the secondary consequences of the abuse…MSM for pain and inflammation, Glucosamine and Condroitin for joint support, use of over the counter anti-inflammatories consistently on the days of the abuse, and use of heat and cold therapy as necessary to help reduce the inflammation as well. Make sure that you have the ankles at least wrapped inside the boots or braced with elastic braces, etc.

    What you are doing is doing damage, rest assured, however you can take steps so that the damage is at least minimized until insurance and the underlying problems can actually be addressed.

    – In doing a lane act, you will find that your days will find a rhythm and a focus over the course of the run, just certain things you like to do, you will begin to do with a certain consistency. You all have the choice as to exactly how structured you want to make your day.

    – No way on that forecast! We can only dream that it will hold. And hopefully no rain on us…it’s a small dream…but it’s mine…


  3. Good luck and best wishes. Pennsic misses you.

    Incedentally, in a roundabout way, I have you to thank for my wife, whom I met at Pennsic. It was you who convinced me to go that first time.

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