Robin Hood

Thanks to the wonderfulness that is Bittorrent, I have the first two episodes of the new BBC Robin Hood series, and I’m currently burning them to a DVD, a nifty format which allows video entertainment to be lent to like-minded friends.

4 Replies to “Robin Hood”

  1. *raises hand*

    Dude. Just fucking look at that nose!

    And last night, another (more drunken) Robin Hood reminded me that I really like short beards. Yum. (And, btw, Gareth we were plotting our take over of the Icarus, too…)

  2. Hey, if it’s any good and you have time burn me a copy, eh? If you don’t have time–which I completely understand may not be the case–just let me know it’s worthwhile and I’ll pull it down myself.

  3. DVD, huh. This sounds like a fascinating new technology. Please subscribe me to your newsletter or service. I would like to know more.

    will almost certainly dig the nose.

  4. Have you like…watched them yet? Or are you assuming BBC=Teh Roxxorz.

    I managed to watch all of the first episode, then my intenstines tried to strangle me.

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