15 Replies to “Distorted Beauty”

  1. And you know what really pisses me off about that process?

    The woman herself is quite beautiful.

    I wholly appreciate that Dove is actually trying to make the point.


  2. I am torn between being absolutely disgusted that they do it….and being somewhat envious of the Photoshopping skill being demonstrated.

    Bad place to be.

  3. Dunno. Often (usually) I can’t get something on a website to load because it says I don’t have the required version of Flash. But I’ve never had a problem viewing anything on YouTube.

  4. One of my all-time favorite political cartoons was very like this. It dealt with sperm-banks and egg donation, and showed a “plain” woman transformed into a “beauty” through make-up and implants, etc… finishing with a panel showing a couple handing over a wad of cash for one of her eggs.

    Obsessed doesn’t begin to describe it.

  5. And you know what really pisses me off about that process?

    Y’know what pisses me off? That the point of the film is still “Women should feel beautiful.” At its core, it’s still style over substance, just without the PhotoShop. Both come from the same viewpoint; one just goes farther than the other.

    Campaign for real beauty? How about “Campaign for real substance”?

  6. Thanks for this one.

    I specifically picked the icon I used for this comment, because it is me in a Glamour shot, having undergone similar makeup and hair…no Photoshopping, though. I posted the full size one at one point in my journal, and got so many compliments, but they felt hollow, because I knew the truth behind the illusion. My default icon, on the other hand, is me being silly on my front porch and taking a picture of myself…guess that shows which I prefer.

    Wish they had had this kind of marketing when I was a teenager…might have been much healthier.

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