Party Reminder

Hey there, kids — just a friendly reminder that we’re having a party at our place on our Wedding night — we will have been all well-behaved and smiley and posing for photos and saying “thank you” and all that stuff during the afternoon’s ceremony and reception, so we want to dress comfortably, drink, dance and spend time with our friends that night!

If you can see this, you’re invited. No dress code. Bring booze and munchies if you want (although we may have leftovers from the reception — who knows?) Kick-off Time is any time after 8pm — this Saturday, October 21st.

Hope to see you there.

13 Replies to “Party Reminder”

  1. No dress code.

    I plan to make a new pair of flannel PJs for this event. Yes, seriously. Prepare to be floored by my utter sexiness wearing this made out of the Chinese take-out flannel pictured on the boy.


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