My Senator, The Fuckwit

Everyone’s favorite Opus Dei Senator, Sam Brownback (R – KS) has reached a new low. He’s holding up a federal judicial nomination because (*GASP*) the Judge in question once attended a commitment ceremony for a lesbian couple.

Brownback has said he wants to satisfy himself that the judge was not presiding over an “illegal marriage ceremony” — which is ridiculous, because there are no laws barring commitment ceremonies. As the above-linked Washington Post column states — Americans are entitled to gather, speak, celebrate and worship as they see fit. An administration official says that the Judge has told Mr. Brownback that she didn’t preside at the ceremony — she attended. What Brownback is doing is nothing more than declaring her unfit to serve because she has lesbian friends.

I’m sending the fuckwit an email. Maybe I’ll also remind Mr. Family Values of the time he hit on my ex-wife during a tour of the Sallie Mae facility here in Lawrence during the mid-90s.

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  1. Well, shit, I guess I couldn’t become a federal judge in Kansas.

    From what I’ve read of him in the past, he’s easily one of my least favorite members of congress.

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