Hooray for Insurance….


and I just got the statement totalling the charges incurred on 1/22, the day of my surgery:


Daaaaaaaaaaaamn. That’s for one day.

Not sure what we’re gonna be hit for, but I know that it will be nowhere near that total. Yay insurance!

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  1. Back in the late 80s, my dad had emergency surgery for an abdominal aortal aneurysm. He refers to the scar as his Ferrari, since the price tag for the procedure, plus the following week in the ICU would’ve just about bought a Testarossa.

  2. After the insurance disallowances and payments, you’re likely to only have to pay 2k or less. Insurance is a wonderful thing! (but a better system would be even more welcome, of course!)

  3. Not completely shocking since i’ve been through several procedures myself, but still not a pretty number.

    I’m waiting to see what it costs to superglue a finger closed in StL. Should be about a month before I see the final charges.

  4. My friend Amy used to periodically post something called “The High Cost of Cancer” with her standing balances which were covered by insurance.

    The last one she did, 11 months into her cancer therapy and one month before she passed, was $695,184.40. I am not surprised, and I’m so very glad that you have the benefit of insurance.

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