Love, and Spankers

I had considered making the usual snarky “Happy Corporately-Mandated Artificial Expression of Love Day” post, but to be completely honest, I’m just not feeling it. Given recent events, especially in the realm of communication gone wrong, I wanted to take the opportunity, artificial holiday or no, to tell people who mean a lot to me that they do mean a lot to me.

I love my friends. I truly do. Even when I’m being a jerk. Even when I say what I shouldn’t. Even when I’m wracked by my life-long fear that you all mean more to me than I do to any of you. The people that I care about are everything that drives me forward in this life. My interests are enhanced by the thought of sharing them with you. My creative expressions are driven by you — my initial audience. I spark and I spin from my interactions with you.

No sarcasm. No bullshit. I love you guys.

On a side note: Those of you coming to Lawrence to see the Asylum Street Spankers: are there any dinner plans? and I won’t be making the show, but getting together for a bite might be nice…..

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  1. The teenager and I have a Eutin meeting at LHS from 7-9 tonight. I was supposed to be able to skip it, but now I have to attend for the whole “who to pay when” BS extra meeting.

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