Not A Big Fan of Dawn….

Here I sit, ensconced within the cozy confines of the Kansas Union at KU, watching the sky outside the windows getting lighter and lighter as the minutes pass.


The only time when it is acceptable for me to see dawn is when I’m still awake from the night before.

Morning sucks rocks.

But, here I sit, ready to begin my first day of getting-out-of-the-office dedicated writing. I’ve got online access, thanks to KU’s wireless network (although I’m having to use ‘s login ID, since it isn’t actually open to all, stupid feckin’ university….); I’ve got caffeine; I have multiple places to secure sustenance should I require it….

…and now all that faces me is a blank Word document, and the slowly brightening sky.

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  1. Bird by bird, man

    I give you big props for starting early.

    I know you’ve taken great pains to put everything carefully into place for this, just remember that writing is an art, and magnificent prose probably isn’t going to instantly shoot out of your brain (but hey, if it does, great). It’s like a pen that you haven’t used for a while, and you need to make tiny spirals with it on blank page for a little bit before the ink comes out.

    Good luck, and know that your writing group will read whatever you choose to share. It’s all good, man.

  2. No, no! Dawn = new beginnings, rising of the sun. The Sun in Tarot is about clear inspiration and creativity – life force.

    Dawn is the best time to start writing. :p

    I’ll come visit you when I get off at 11. Where are you in the Union?

  3. Yeah, I know–I’m just giving you crap. :)
    I do the same thing, actually–sit down to start writing but check email first. That’s why I nixed having any games on the computer, though (specifically solitaire games) because it used to be I’d play that first as well, and sometimes that could steal hours!

  4. Yeah, it’s annoying that you can go to the airport and get free Internet, but don’t try it at the college. Juco just took away our office’s private wireless to put us on the “public” system – which requires login each time the computer sleeps and won’t let us print. Feh!

    Supposedly it’s the new digital data retention laws that make them require logins, but any bozo from the street can walk into the labs or public library downstairs and access the computer as much as they want.

  5. About that blank Word document…

    …and now all that faces me is a blank Word document, and the slowly brightening sky.

    In the words of Marty Sklar, former Vice Chairman and Principal Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, a blank piece of paper can be seen as either ” … the most frightening thing in the world.” or “… the greatest opportunity in the world.”

    So, which is it going to be….?

    Take Care,


  6. Obviously, you need inspiration. Now that you are getting out, are you up to a drive to Olathe for movies/dinner? Including myscryan, radcliffe, and the minion, of course!

  7. The Java Break at 8th and New Hampshire is open 24 hours, and has free wireless access. I’m posting this from that location, as a matter of fact.

    (…and they have pretty good chai, and *great* panini.)

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