Confirmation: Superhero Gaming, this Saturday 3/24

Just a post to confirm the date. We’ll be starting up the superhero gaming thing this Saturday, March 24th, at our place.

Say 2-ish.

All you need to bring is yourselves, plus some sort of character concept (if those of you with rulebooks want to have made characters already, that’s fine too.).

See you then!

9 Replies to “Confirmation: Superhero Gaming, this Saturday 3/24”

  1. I will definitely be there.

    If we’re watching JLU, I would love to see “For the Man Who Has Everything” and I would highly recommend either “To Another Shore” (which I’ll have with me) or “Divided We Fall”. Or the two-part series finale (“Alive” and “Destroyer”, which I’ll also have with me).

    I’m all for whatever you guys want to do.

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