True Conservatives Finally Step Forward….

This is simply amazing.

Four prominent conservatives, including Clinton-impeachment spearheader Bob Barr (former Republican congressman from Georgia), held a press conference today, announcing a campaign to, in their words, “restore checks and balances and civil liberties protections under assault by the Executive Branch.”

The American Freedom Agenda, as they call it, seeks to restore congressional oversight and habeas corpus, end torture and extraordinary rendition, narrow the President’s authority to designate ‘enemy combatants,’ prevent unconstitutional wiretaps, email and mail openings, protect journalists from prosecution under the Espionage Act, and more.

They actually said the following: “today, the clear and present danger to conservative philosophy is the White House.”


It’s about time. I think that not only the Democrats, but Non-Neo-Con Republicans as well, smell the blood in the water.

Given how things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush becomes the second President to resign while in office.

8 Replies to “True Conservatives Finally Step Forward….”

  1. Resign? Never …

    Probably not … just imagine when his Momma would say if her boy were to do such a thing. More likely to tell him to just kill them people who want him out instead.

  2. To be sure. But nobody thought Nixon would go, either. It took members of his own party coming to the White House and telling him to fall on his sword to do it. I think that the cracks are starting to show, and Republicans — those fearful for their jobs, their legacies, and their necks….as well as the few principled conservatives of the Non-Neo variety — are going to start abandoning this guy. Eventually, with no support, I could see the party making a move to save its own ass….especially if some really damaging stuff was in the offing.

  3. And yet, Mr. Bush is still behaving like he’s in a position of strength: basically telling Congress to back off on their investigations and any effort to subpoena White House officials so they can testify under oath. But then, apparently, that’s what you can expect in DC: “You know there’s a lot of politics in this town,” say Mr. Bush.

  4. He may very well go down in flames(And man would I be glad to see it), possibly even with the Republicans among those carrying the torches. But I don’t believe he’ll ever resign. I don’t think he has it in him.

    I predict he’ll keep insisting he was right to his last breath. If he goes out before his term is over, he’ll be yelling, kicking and screaming to the bitter end. And, honestly, I think I’d almost rather see him go out that way; it might be a reality check for some people, showing them just exactly how insane the guy really is.

    He needs to leave a legacy of being, not just the worst president who ever served, but the one who left a frighteningly clear warning about what allowing the White House too much power can do (so hopefully it never happens again).

  5. Unfortunately, I have to agree. While I like Bush on some issues, he is stretching Executive Power in ways it’s not meant to go.

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