Suddenly, As Clear As….Rock.

One of life’s mysteries solved….

Regular readers may recall that on Tuesday, I was hit by the non-sequitor question “Are you a geologist?”

Today, arriving at my usual spot on campus for my Tuesday-Thursday writing sessions, I find signs proclaiming it as the site of the regional conference of the Geological Society of America. Various academic types emblazoned with name-badges abound.

The sequitor is suddenly a lot less nonny.

3 Replies to “Suddenly, As Clear As….Rock.”

  1. Academic types, eh?

    So the question becomes what sort of name are you going to choose for your name badge? Perhaps something beginning with dirk; it has a nice Scottish dagger feel to it.

  2. Re: Academic types, eh?

    Some appropriately stone-related last name, I should think.

    “Dirk Slate, Action Geologist!”

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