Star Wars Saga Edition….

I started my STAR WARS: SAGA EDITION campaign tonight.

Here is a link to a low-res Quicktime movie (1.7mb) of a full intro that I whipped up on the Mac, and surprised the players with. We sat down to play, and I hit “play” on the DVD player, and, on the widescreen TV…..

…they saw THIS.

Best comment: “OHMYGOD. I’m 10 years old again.”

30 Replies to “Star Wars Saga Edition….”

  1. The bar has been raised.

    And for the first time in nearly 10 years I wish I was in America, just so that I could play in your game…

    Very nice.

  2. Actually, no. This one was all me.

    The call for computer animation is for a major Adamant project, still in development.

  3. Process

    If you care to walk through the process, I’d love to hear it.
    I’m GMing an annual Star Wars game at Gen Con with some friends and I’d love to put something like that together for the next game.

  4. Lumpy sez:

    “Happy Life Day, Everybody!”

    (By my pulled out of my ass arcane calculations, today is, in fact Life Day again.)

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