So, for the second time this month, our heater’s conked out.

The little old guy from the heating company just left….he’s diagnosed the issue as the Gas Smartvalve going tits-up (rather than the blown fuse on the circuit board which it was the last time…although the two are most likely causally related).

Of course, they don’t make that part for our heater any more, and it will take him until Monday or Tuesday to get one.


Luckily, we’ve got a gas “fake fireplace”, which we’re currently running — its better than nothing. But I don’t relish the gas bill from using it as the sole heating unit for the next 4 days.

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  1. Does anyone you know have an electric space heater you can borrow? Might be more cost efficient, especially at night with bedroom doors closed.

  2. Actually, we don’t run the fireplace at night — it builds enough residual heat on the second floor to coast through the night.

  3. Ugh.

    My sympathies; we’ve just discovered that our 19-year old furnace is starting to leak CO, but so far at a rate that isn’t even remotely dangerous. We’re collecting estimates for replacing the damned thing now, just in time for the holidays….

    Friends of mine had the same trouble you’re having with their furnace; first one thing blows, then another, and all fairly expensive/difficult to replace. If it’s in the cards, consider replacement in the near future, but of course I’m not a home heating/cooling professional, so ask around about how cost-effective a replacement would be. If your unit is more than a few years old, newer units are incredibly efficient, and might be able to pay back the cost in a relatively short period of time.

    Good luck; wear polar fleece! I highly recommend extra snuggling with the SO to keep warm.


  4. Glad you guys have some heat, anyway. Sorry about the problem, though. I hope that the repair is not something you have to pay for? At least you guys can snuggle! :)

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