For Amusement (For the Record, Part Deux)

If you want a laugh, you should check out Louis Porter’s blog, where he not only responds to my last post here with a “just you wait bwah-ha-ha-ha SUPER-SEEKRIT BIZNESS PLAN” that, naturally, has me trembling in fear for my solvency…..but you can also see how he KNOWS HAWT CHIX who TOTALLY game.

F’REALS, yo…..

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  1. I could have sworn that I have not made his acquaintance. Not that I’m the only hawt chick who totally games, of course. I’ll have to ask my girl posse.

  2. Some jokes just write themselves.

    Like bragging about the hardcore D20 size 1 import car model who plays a dwarven rogue in your regular game…

    …just a few inches away from a link to Hot Chicks with Douchebags.

    See? Instant comedy!

  3. Truth behind the apostrophe?

    I’m usually not a grammar Nazi, but he could use a short lesson on when NOT to use apostrophes (apostrophe’s?).

    Maybe it’s a valid use of the possessive, and “hot girl’s gaming” means his role-play “got owned.”

  4. I can almost hear the Bond Villain laughter in some of those posts on Louis’s blog. I’m not sure if that’s funny, sad or scary.

    I don’t usually let stuff like that blog bother me, but I’ve seen more than enough truly obnoxious behavior from LPJ just on EnWorld and

    At least the product reviews speak for themselves.

  5. Am I correct in my assumption that Porter’s started a rap-style beef with you? I expected him to call you a hata and claim that you’re biting his style before driving off on his 24s with his import model in tow.

    Strange days. If he’s going that route, he really needs to bling up the website a bit.

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