Military Members Backing Anti-War Candidates

Here’s an interesting tidbit:

The Center for Responsive Politics, one of the top non-partisan research groups tracking money in U.S. politics, released an analysis of the donations to the candidates (as of the end of 2007, at least). They discovered the following:

MILITARY DONORS FAVOR ANTIWAR CANDIDATES: Individuals in the Army, Navy and Air Force made those branches of the armed services among the top contributors in the 4th Quarter, ranking No. 13, No. 18 and No. 21, respectively. In 2007, Republican Ron Paul, who opposes U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, was the top recipient of money from donors in the military, collecting at least $212,000 from them. Barack Obama, another war opponent, was second with about $94,000.

I wonder how that’s going to pan out now, with “Old Warrior” McCain as the front runner for the Republicans, promising 100 years or more of occupation, and, in his own words, “more wars.”

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