Why I Married Her (part of a continuing series)….

, last night, reading an “Indie” RPG, comes across a torturously-worded segment describing how they’re using the term “Game Master” because it is an “artifact of history” — but assures the reader that the title “makes no sense for this game at all.”

Her response:

“OW! Your Agenda just hit me in the FACE.”

I love my wife.

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  1. My brain hurts. So many different levels of seeming wrongness in that.

    1. Using a widget that makes no sense for a game.
    2. Pointing out to the reader that author knows said widget makes no sense, but uses it anyway.
    3. Believing some agenda is being served by not serving it and informing the reader of such by highlighting the agenda’s failure.

    Now, I’m laughing. :)

    joe b.

  2. That reminds me of how RPG books seemed to take up so much copy to point out that even though they could have written the book to make it gender-neutral, they chose not to and just wrote the whole book with “he” instead. It just goes into what Joseph Browning points out. The reading has a “I’m pointing out something stupid that I’m doing” vibe instead of just doing it without comment or fixing the problem the author recognizes.

  3. The particular offender in this case was the otherwise-nifty “In A Wicked Age” — although I’ve seen similar manifestos in other games.

  4. Yeah, I came across that when reading and also wondered, “Vincent, if it doesn’t mean anything in this game, why not call it something else or not use it at all?” Which is kinda weird, because in my experience, Vincent is not like this.

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