What’s Gareth Working On?

An entry more for my own future reference, but which might be of interest to some of you…. A list of the projects currently occupying my time.

RPG stuff
* Development on Tales of New Crobuzon
* Development on the Odyssey system, specifically for Thrilling Tales, 2nd Edition.
* Writing for Gaslight Guardians, our planned Victorian-era superhero release for M&M.
* Editing and Graphic Design for forthcoming Imperial Age projects.
* Initial brainstorming on possible FATE-based super-spy RPG (working title: either “The Man from F.A.T.E.” or “Agents of F.A.T.E.”)
* Hemming and Hawing over whether my original Heroes of the New Wave 80s neo-pulp concept would work better as a stand-alone FATE-based game, or rather as a plug-in supplement for Spirit of the Century.

Writing (non-day-job-related)
* The Lion’s Share –novel, an espionage thriller. 21st-century Ian Fleming stuff.
* Far West — novel, based on the the rpg concept that I’ve back-burnered.
* Notes taken on possible “Heroes of the New Wave” short fiction….although not sure if there’s a market where they could be sent.

7 Replies to “What’s Gareth Working On?”

  1. The Lion’s Share –novel, an espionage thriller. 21st-century Ian Fleming stuff.

    Now if only there were some sort of soundtrack that could go with that… OH, WAIT!

  2. Gaslight Guardians sounds very cool. I was just talking with a couple of the people in my writers group last night about how much I miss playing M&M. Love that game.

  3. All of these sound intriguing. I’d go for Agents of FATE; Heroes of the New Wave – fun idea. Your Odyssey system sounds very similar to ideas I’ve been tumbling around for the last year and a half… I’ll have to keep an eye on you! :)

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