Of course, Ohio fucked us all, again, just like they did in 2004. I suppose we should never expect good things out of the Buckeye State, ever.

Hillary sqeeked a win in the popular vote in Texas (and, according to the numbers, it appears that it was the Limbaugh listeners who pushed her over the top. That’s something to be proud of, Hill.) — but when the delegate count comes in from the caucuses, that will give the edge to Obama.

Net result? Nothing changes. He still has a lead in delegates, roughly the same as when they went in to yesterday’s contests.

Of course, the Clinton campaign will spin (aided by the media) all week long, most likely. Doesn’t change the math. She can’t win this….at least not democratically.

But, given the fact that we’ve now seen the measurable effect of right-wingers purposefully voting for her, when will the rest of the country’s voters wake up? The Republicans WANT HER. Why do you?

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