The Magic Number

Related to my last post: has added a “Magic Number Tracker” to their sidebar, giving the real view of the election as it stands, including the % of remaining delegates that must be won, by candidate:

…and even if you go with Clinton’s math (including FL and MI):

Imagine, for a second, if the situation was reversed, and Clinton led in both the delegate count and in the popular vote. Would the media still be treating Obama like he was a viable candidate? Of course not.

We’ve got ONE candidate who leads in not only the delegate count, but also the popular vote….and an also-ran who needs to draw blow-out numbers (which she’s never been able to do, even in the states she’s won) to even catch up. Why is the race being covered as “Obama vs. Clinton”, instead of “Obama vs. McCain”…?

Reality Check

Andrew Sullivan advises Obama supporters to “chill a little” — and provides a link to this excellent entry at dailykos which crunches the delegate math. It’s a hard-numbers, sobering look at how the media is making the race seem far closer than it actually is, for the sake of “exciting” coverage — and a look at the reality of the situation.

Well worth reading.

Don’t let the Clinton spin get into your head. She’s not worth the ulcer.