There is a huge crackdown in Tibet.

The economy is in a tailspin.

There is an unwinnable WAR in Iraq that was started over a lie, and has killed thousands.

There is a crucial election occuring in this country.

But what does it take to get people to protest? Free and ad-free LiveJournal accounts no longer being offered for new members.

You people need to seriously Grow The Fuck Up, and get some perspective.

Framed Pulp Prints…..

I’ve already got a framed print of the Green Hornet, by Steranko (the pic is someone else’s — just to show the art), and a framed Call of Cthulhu movie poster from the HP Lovecraft Historical Society.

My own company puts out a framed print of the cover to THRILLING TALES #1, so one of those is on its way.

But I can’t stop. I just added to the pulpy print collection with this:

—the cover image to the first issue of DOC SAVAGE, by my favorite Doc artist, Walter Baumhofer.

I just got the notification that it’s shipped, and on its way. I’ll need to get it framed, of course… although I’ll wait to do that for a few days or so, which should give me enough time to receive another print that I’m hoping to get (which I’m not going to talk about for fear of jinxing my chances).

Framed art — like posters, but for grown-ups!