Friday Music

Here we go….

In my search for music, I often find myself pestering store clerks to find out what they’ve got playing over the sound system that has caught my attention. Here’s a recent discovery via this method. I hunted down the single, and now I’ll definitely be giving the band a closer listen: Of Montreal – “Forecast Fascist Future.”

The news is official — Season 4 of Doctor Who will be launching in the UK on April 5th (and in the US via Sci-Fi later that same month, from what I hear). They’ve done a new arrangement of the theme tune, which debuted during the Christmas special, “Voyage of the Damned.” Here it is: Murray Gold – “Doctor Who 2008 Theme.”

Trip-hop pioneers Portishead have a new album, Third, out in late April. Here’s one of the tracks. Still the same slightly melancholy feel that featured in “Sour Times” (“Nobody loves me….”), but married with a more aggressively cutting-edge sound. It’s good to hear them staying ahead of the curve in the genre they helped to create. Portishead – “We Carry On.”

Some German pop-punk, at the request of The Minion: Die Toten Hosen – “Alles aus Liebe.”

In honor of the coming of Spring…. a bit of swingy, lounge-y, nu-jazz from a German-based act that features musicians from all over the world. I need a Martini. Club des Belugas – “It’s A Beautiful Day.”

Lastly, a cool track from the soundtrack of the nifty-but-largely-missed film Lucky Number Slevin. I really love this track — but then I remember that Kansas City hasn’t really been cool since the 1930s, despite what the song might have you believe. J. Ralph – “Kansas City Shuffle.”

Have a great weekend!

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