BLAKE’S 7 Remake…

(As spotted on and ‘s journals):

The BBC is reporting that UK satellite channel Sky One has given the green light for the development of two 60-minute scripts for a “potential event series” reviving the classic SF series.

Blake’s 7 is one of my all-time favorites — it never made quite as big a splash over here as Doctor Who, but I loved it from the minute I saw my first few episodes on Atlanta’s public TV station in 1988. I’ve recently been working my way through my DVDs of the series, and a 21st-century remake, where the SFX can finally be as brilliant as the writing, would make me very happy. (Hell, Farscape was pretty much a Blake’s 7 remake — one of the reasons why I loved that show, too!)

For the record, my wish list for a remake cast:

Blake: David Morrissey

Avon: Burn Gorman

Servalan: Keeley Hawes — no pic there, but here’s a NSFW shot of her with short dark hair, perfect for Servalan.

Not sure who’d I’d like to see as Villa, Gan, Jenna or the rest of the supporting cast…. your thoughts?

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