Work In Progress: FAR WEST

Daily Word Count: 509

Favorite Passage:

With a piercing howl, the locomotive belched smoke and steam that trailed out behind the train, swirling and flowing like a great mane around the head of the cast iron temple-lion that formed the entire front of the engine. The trains of the Western Periphery & Frontier Rail were not the newest machines, nor in the best condition. The flags fluttering from the engine’s wheelhouse were tattered by the wind and faded from perhaps too many runs in the Western sun, and the paint on the passenger and cargo cars was worn and dusty, but the engine was kept in top working order, and the temple-lion figurehead on the prow of the locomotive was free of rust and polished to a dull sheen. The crews of the WP&F traditionally believed that the lion represented the guardian spirit of the train, and like all lions, it was a proud creature, so it was kept in good order, for luck on the journey.

Notes on the Day: Back at work on Far West (in novel form, instead of RPG). Not a lot of new words written (as the Daily Count testifies), but a fairly large chunk of older words deleted or rearranged for later use.

Given the amount of time that has passed since I last stepped into this particular world, I found it easy to get into the mix of wuxia and western — which is a good sign for continued progress. Stay tuned.

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