RPGnet Ban Lifted

The Admins have lifted my 4-year-old ban at RPGnet.

It’s conditional, obviously — I have to be on my best behavior, stay out of arguments, keep the snark down, stay away from the “Tangency” off-topic forum (since that’s where the biggest flames were back then), etc. ….

…but I’m pleased by this turn of events. 4 years is a long time, and I’ve certainly changed over the years. For one thing, the whole cancer thing definitely mellowed me out with respect to the little things — I’m way less likely to get in a strop over random internet chuckleheadery, fr’instance.

With a bit of luck, hopefully I’ll be able to work at dispelling the whole “GMS” boogeyman. I expect there are some folks who will continue to treat me like I’m some kind of windmill to tilt at, but I expect that will die down when I don’t rise to the bait.

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