Well, GREAT.

The holiday travel joy has begun.

Kid 3 arrives this evening from Colorado — and so far, things are looking OK there.

Kid 1, however, has been bumped to tomorrow. TOMORROW. Flights in and out of JFK are fine. Not a problem at all. No, the problem is the ridiculous puddle-jump from Hartford to JFK. No flight crew, massive cancellations. She can’t fly out of Hartford AT ALL today. Ridiculous. The fucking airline could’ve hired a BUS to take people from Hartford to JFK and she would’ve made her connection on time. But no, the days of airline accountability are long since gone.

So tomorrow? More ridiculous. Hartford to Fort Meyers to Atlanta to KC. Yeah, Atlanta. Busiest airport, reputation for fuck-ups, 3 days before Christmas. To be honest, I’m expecting she’ll get stuck there, and we’ll see her on Wednesday.

Remember when we had an air travel system that worked?

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