World Cup and Birthday Cook-Out.

This is mostly for the local folks —

My birthday this year is on a Sunday. The day before, however, is a big glorious Saturday — Saturday, June 12th, in fact. A date which hold special significance as the day that the United States will play our first World Cup match — versus England.

So, here’s the plan, for folks what are interested: A group of like-minded hooligans will be descending upon The Red Lyon pub here in Lawrence to watch the match, which starts at 1:00 p.m. local time. We’ll probably be heading over at noon-noonthirty in order to secure prime location.

We will watch Footy and drink many pints.

Then, after the game (roughly 4ish), we will return to Minas Skarka, where various meats will be charred over coals, more drinks shall be had, and celebrations of a vaguely birthdayish nature shall occur.

Drop me an email or comment below to let me know if you’re joining us for either leg of the day’s epic events.

(Non-locals: Can’t attend? Feeling left out? Feel free to get in on the birthday festivities! My Amazon wish-list is up to date. :) )

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