Friday Music

Here we go again with another Mix Tape of Teh Interwebs. I need to get back in the habit of posting these earlier in the day.

Autumn finally started creeping in to Kansas — this morning was barely into the 50s. I’m ecstatic, since Fall is my favorite season (one of only ones where I can breathe without difficulty, that’s a big part of it). So, I figured that I to start with this: 10,000 Maniacs – “Like The Weather.”

While I’m in an 80s mood, I figured that I’d post a couple of my favorite tracks from Men Without Hats. Seriously — if “Safety Dance” is all that you know, track down a copy of Rhythm of Youth and give a listen to the other tracks on the album. I wore out two cassette copies and a CD — no joke. Both of these are from that album: Men Without Hats – “I Got The Message”, and Men Without Hats – “Antarctica.”

Back to the present (future) — the lead-off track from the new album from the Austin-based metal band, The Sword. Warp Riders is a sci-fi concept album — which I’m not ashamed to say is what got me to listen. There seems to be an upswing in those recently (Janelle Monae, etc.), and as a geek I heartily approve. Anyway, here is a smoking bit of instrumental mood-setting: The Sword – “Acheron/Unleashing The Orb.”

Cling is an new trip-hop duo from Epping in the UK. I am very, very happy that this isn’t a genre that didn’t die out with the turn of the millennium. I’m a big fan of mixing big beats, ambient synths and smoky female vocals. Cling – “Beyond Your Dreams.”

I’m not sure that mass marketing works on me like it’s supposed to. Here’s another track that I discovered via a television commercial. It didn’t make me want the product that it was selling (Diet Coke, in this case), but made me want to track down the song. Some of you may also know this from the soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer (which I haven’t seen). The Temper Trap – “Sweet Disposition.”

If any of you missed this earlier in the week, I’m going to link to it here. It’s not an mp3, but you can buy the mp3 from iTunes. It’s a collaboration between Ben Folds, Nick Hornby and Pomplamousse, and I love it a LOT. Folds/Hornby & Pomplamousse- “The Things That You Think.”


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