Advent of the Insurgent Creative, Day Twenty –

Just a short entry today — but a good one. This is another tool for my fellow game designers. is a German supply house for game components, incredibly useful for prototyping designs (for playtests), or even for the creation of artisinal games created from the components. The site sells everything from dice to cards to tokens, as well as packaging material, boxes and labels for customization. The link above is to the English translation of the site — their FAQ states that they do ship foreign orders, but only with pre-payment and you need to contact them first about shipping costs.

One of the cooler things about the site is the number of products they have available which use A4 labels which you can print via your inkjet printer. They’ve got game boxes designed to be customized via an A4 label, game boards of varying sizes, all sized for A4 labels, and even labels cut to standard playing card size to make custom cards. (Although a more attractive option would probably be to just contact them about customized card production, which they offer.)

If you’re a game designer looking to explore options for board and card games, without sinking tens of thousands of dollars into production costs, Spielmaterial is an excellent solution.

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