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Insurgent Creative:  Atomic Robo

Insurgent Creative: Atomic Robo

Very cool — the World’s Greatest Science Adventure Comic, Atomic Robo, is transitioning to webcomic. They’ve done nine miniseries over the past seven years as traditional monthly comics and collected trade paperbacks, but starting this year, new issues will be freely available online, and then collected into for-sale printed trade

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Insurgent Creative:  The EU VAT Screw-Job

Insurgent Creative: The EU VAT Screw-Job

January 1st, 2015. That’s the date when the European Union fucks independent creators out of business. Rather than just repeat the info, I’m going to direct you to this thorough and extremely important post by Tim Gray: “New EU VAT Rules Change the Game for Digital Businesses.” He’s assembled a

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Insurgent Creative:  CreateSpace Oddity

Insurgent Creative: CreateSpace Oddity

Odd. CreateSpace (owned by Amazon, and which I first covered in the original Insurgent Creative posts here ) is discontuing distribution of MP3 albums through Amazon. Not a huge problem, since TuneCore, which Adamant is also signed up for (and handles our iTunes distribution) also does Amazon, but it’s really

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