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Self-Publishing (Movie Edition)

So the news broke from Sundance last night that Kevin Smith is distributing his new film, Red State, himself. He had been telling everyone that he was going to auction distribution rights in public after the screening — and handed that over to his co-producer to officiate. As soon as

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Self-Publishing (Music Edition)

I had a bit about this over on Twitter, but I thought this merited an actual blog post. From the realm of “OMG The Sky Is Falling” news reports, we see that Cake sets record for lowest-selling #1 album. The story goes on to tell us that Cake’s new album,

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A lot of thoughts being bandied about in various places on the topic of self-publishing. I’ve been involved in a bunch of discussions about it on blogs, on Twitter, via Facebook and in person over the past week, so I figured a blog post was probably worth doing. It’s not

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