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Self-Publishing (Music Edition)

I had a bit about this over on Twitter, but I thought this merited an actual blog post. From the realm of “OMG The Sky Is Falling” news reports, we see that Cake sets record for lowest-selling #1 album. The story goes on to tell us that Cake’s new album,

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A lot of thoughts being bandied about in various places on the topic of self-publishing. I’ve been involved in a bunch of discussions about it on blogs, on Twitter, via Facebook and in person over the past week, so I figured a blog post was probably worth doing. It’s not

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The Traditional Christmas Post

We all have our traditions — this has been one of mine since I started blogging, eight years ago. A quote from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which sums up my feelings regarding the holiday: “There are many things from which I might have derived good, by which I have not

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