Oh Look, It’s 1:29 a.m. again…..

Yup. Daylight savings….good riddance, yah time-distortin’ bastard.

Back from the SWade Manor Halloween shindig. Much tamer than I had been led to believe…but a nice diversion on a Saturday night. Especially the -flavored diversions. I like that kind.

Apparently, I missed some fun Friday….including an outfit on that would’ve had me in a puddle, if descriptions do any justice. Damn. Went to the wrong gathering, I guess. :)

While I’m thinking of it, Happy Birthday to self-same from both myself and .

The clock is telling me that it’s 1:30, but my body is saying 2:30, so….off to bed.

8 Replies to “Oh Look, It’s 1:29 a.m. again…..”

  1. The party Friday was actually quite tame as well, but the costumes were fun (I particularly dug John Charlesworth in a wedding gown)…


  2. You and your lovely wife were my favorite diversions =) Still trying to get the black stuff off my face….

    *chimm-chimeny, chim, chim cher-eeee* ;)

  3. Many thanks for sharing, my dear. As I feared, the damn thing looked much better 20 pounds or so ago, but I know what’s necessary to fix that.

    Hopefully me just having the guts to wear something like that 2 days before turning 42 counts for something…

    Insanity I suppose.


  4. It was tamer than in years past

    I’m sure that had to do with getting the word out late and their taking the year off faire this year, but a fun time. Friday too! sorry you missed it.

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