KCRF Sixth Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

  • The weather was the best we’ve seen, and so the crowds came….even with the Redneck Olympics (in other words, NASCAR) occuring just a mile or so away, filling the air with the dulcet tones of roaring engines. 20,000+ on Saturday, another 20K on Sunday, and then the usual school-visit crowds of Columbus Day. We had no trouble getting audiences for our shows, and Saturday’s tips were the best of the entire run so far.
  • Fans. As a first-year show, it was unexpected, but I’m chuffed as hell to note that we have fans — patrons who have shown up for our show multiple times during the run, and tell us how much they love it. This is officially a Good Thing. This weekend, we had fans that tipped us 20 bucks, fans who asked if we had a website or merchandise (…I’m working on that, actually), and even someone who asked for signatures in one of the Festival’s new Autograph books. Bizarre….but good.
  • Performing for people whom we respect, and seeing them really enjoy the show. I never thought that the sight of someone spitting up beer would be a welcome one, but, thanks to , it was!
  • Random Announcements. I am glad that this tradition has returned. Something which could easily venture into self-indulgent pointlessness instead gives everyone at Morning Meeting a much-needed burst of humor and energy before we open…I was proud to provide Sunday’s announcement (“Sic vis Pacem, para Nachos….Dona Nobis Nascar…Git-r-done.”), and King Ricky’s announcement on Monday was hilarious. It feels good to be passing a tradition on to newer performers. Hopefully, it will stick.
  • Potato Soup at the home of on Sunday night, made by . Jesus Monkey-lovin’ Christ, that was good.

The Bad:

  • The masturbatory pointlessness of Monday’s morning meeting, watching the Entertainment Staff give eachother Star awards. What-the-fuck-Ever, people.
  • “Hey, do you work here? Is that a real sword? Can I hold it? Let me see it.” Ah, the joys of Columbus Day.
  • The heckler at our Saturday show at the Mermaid. I shut him down, but perhaps with a bit too much. I don’t like losing my temper. Still, fans thanked me afterwards….but I don’t like letting them get to me like that.
  • OK, Dude….if you quit, then go away. Don’t come back every fucking weekend and try to get me involved in your little crusade. I swear to god….if Keith (is that his name?) comes up to me again to tell me about his Super-Keen Elite Seekrit Plans, I’m just going to bitch-slap him in full view of patrons and other performers.

The Ugly:

  • The Front Gate had their cast party this weekend, at the site. Previously, the vendors had theirs…at the site. Apparently, the only people who don’t deserve a cast party are….well, THE FUCKING CAST. The E.D. must have known that people were pissed about this….because he addressed it on Monday, saying that it was because “of the behavior of some during last year’s party”, and that there will be a party. They’re planning on renting a theatre and having an “academy awards ceremony”, where people get dressed up, etc. So, in other words, he’s totally missed the fucking point AGAIN, and has decided to focus on the one fucking thing that nobody (other than himself and his clique) gives half a shit about: the awards.

    I’m sorry….the awards only meant something when they were peer awards, and we all voted. Now, it’s just another case of meaningless Maestrobation, for the enjoyment of the Inner Circle. The point of the cast party was the socializing and celebration of our collective work….and if your prude-ass-closet-queen-Jesus-Freak-psyche can’t handle “the behavior of some”, then have two parties: One for the 21 and overs, and one for the kids.

    I could go on…but I noticed that said a great many of the things that I would, so there’s not much point in my belaboring the point. Suffice to say that I am desperately hoping that a rumor that I have heard about the future of the current Staff is true. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m hoping.

17 Replies to “KCRF Sixth Weekend: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”

  1. Do you know of a directory of Ren/Medieval Fairs? I’m curious as to which ones are local to me now. (I used to live very close to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire.)

  2. Any sort of Academy-Awards type event sounds like a huge snore-fest to me. I can guarantee I won’t be going, which is probably exactly the response he’s hoping for, but who cares? What a waste of my time.

    …hm. An academy awards type of show, eh? I wonder if they’ll have musical numbers… *evil g*

  3. “I’m sorry….the awards only meant something when they were peer awards, and we all voted.”

    Ummm, actually, there has not been peer voting on these for the last 3 years. Last year, if you read the fine print, participants did get to nominate folks for the awards but it is the ED staff that made the final choice of who got what award. I doubt if it will change this year.

  4. Ummm, actually, there has not been peer voting on these for the last 3 years.

    I know. I’m saying that they only meant something back when they were peer.

  5. My Apologies. I knew there had been a lot of misconceptions about this last year so I mistakenly assumed that is what you were refering to.

  6. No apologies required.

    (Although–I have to wonder: How could anyone have sat through last year’s awards (Gee, what a shock, awards to the Highgates!), and think that there was any remote possibility that it was peer?) :)

  7. The office has always been great at patting itself on the back. I would say something about the reason having to do with the back’s being not too much higher than the original target, but that would be catty …

    Once more, The Jim giveth and The Jim taketh away, and once again The Jim giveth several incongruous reasons as to why he Taketh Away. And, once again, The Jim is clueless about why we seem discontent.

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