New Bond: Daniel Craig?

Leaks have risen, claiming that the star of the forthcoming “Casino Royale” will be Daniel Craig:

If it’s true, my hopes for the film have just gone up. I liked him in “Road to Perdition.”

7 Replies to “New Bond: Daniel Craig?”

  1. I will agree he was excellent in “Road to Perdition”. And when I heard that he was the frontrunner to play Rorschach in the “Watchmen” film, I was doubly excited. But is he really Bond material?

  2. I haven’t seen any confirmation of this yet, just that he went in for a fitting and they liked the way he looked.
    Never saw Road to Perdition and I’ve no idea if I’ve seen him in anything before. Ah, looking at IMDB I’ve seen him in the Jacket and in Laura Croft. He’d be okay, I guess. Clive Owen, IMO, would be better.

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