My Outrage Gland Is Sore…..

…but spreading this sort of news is a critical meme, in my opinion.

Pentagon admits US used White Phosphorus in Falluja

The State Department had been denying the fact ever since the Italian media produced the story about the use of WP during the Falluja offensive, including pictures of civilians (including children) burned by the chemical. Now, though, the Pentagon is admitting it, saying that statement by the State Department that WP had not been used was based on “poor information”.

The US is not a signatory of an international agreement banning the use of White Phosphorus, and we categorize it as an “incendiary weapon”, rather than as a “chemical weapon” (as the rest of the world considers it).

Of course, this comes from a BBC report. I doubt you’ll hear a word of this on any major media outlet here in the Christian Republic of Jesusland.

How much more, folks… much more?

4 Replies to “My Outrage Gland Is Sore…..”

  1. This one is no surprise.

    The U.S. won’t sign the latest Geneva Accords either, because it would prevent them from using indiscriminate anti-personnel weapon systems such as cluster bombs and anti-personnel mines, FASCAM artillery and so on.

    Weapons of indiscriminate murder and destruction are legitimate tools of war, according to US policy, and so what if they kill children and innocents, they also kill enemy soldiers.

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