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  1. Must… restrain… fist… of… death….

    Times like these I’m glad that I only have to deal with vicarious outrage. Sure, our government blew a million bucks on some crooked advertising companies… but that’s pennies all things considered.

  2. Have some more:


    As I was drinking some really good coffee and discussing novel writing and gaming and movies with friends, our government snuck in a crippling blow to our Consititution and our American ideal of human kindness: the Senate unanimously passed the Graham-Levin Amendment to the Military Authorization Bill. It strips people of the right to petition for a writ of habeas corpus. A writ of habeas corpus requires any authority that holds a prisoner to present that prisoner before an independent magistrate and show good cause why that person has been seized and is being detained. It is a linchpin to the rule of law and the proposition that individuals have rights and that the power of government is limited. It is as old as the Magna Carta, and we have held to its principles even during the Civil War and the World Wars.

    I’m looking for more info on the particular bill and language.

    (Also, the poster above doesn’t seem to know Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil War.)


  3. Well, if the ungrateful bastards in NYC will fail to vote for the guy who was president when their city got attacked, waddya expect?

    I mean, they’ve even got a goddamn French statue in their harbour, fer chrissakes.

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