Wotta Maroon

So the yutz who said that he’s going to “take me on” in the D20 pulp field has started releasing his products.

Apparently, “pulp” to him means releasing re-packaged versions of his Mecha and Power Armor releases, with “Mecha” undergoing a search-and-replace to become “Mechanized.”

Gotta love his smooth branding skills, too, with titles like Mechanized Augmentation of Pulp Destruction. What the fuck?

It’s really pathetic…in public forums, he’s trying to pre-empt the charges that he doesn’t know DICK about the pulps….by playing the race card, if you can fucking believe that. He’s not doing “pulp”, y’see…..because “pulp” is OMG RACIST:

“Pulp Era writing focuses on powerful white Anglo-Saxon god-fearing males doing all kinds of incredible things and the women, foreigners and minorities were little more than one-dimensional villains, living hostages, or silly cartoon-like sidekicks…..I am an African-American male and I want to see people like me being heroes, not some silly racist sidekick saying, “Yessur Boss Man, Imma gonna do that”.

So, he’s doing “Neo-pulp” (which I haven’t bothered to point out to him is a term that I first used with my Heroes of the New Wave concept in September of 2003).

Not pulp. Neo-pulp.

Which apparently involves re-packaged mecha content.


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  1. I’m scratching my head here. It’s not exactly Pulp era, but has Mr. Porter never heard of Walter Mosley’s detective, “Easy” Rawlins?

    This guy is 100% loon.

  2. Second thing [CENSORED] (Can’t show you that stuff yet).

    Oh, puh-leeze.

    If nothing else, that sort of thing would turn me off anything he was doing.

  3. Just remember, this is the same guy who announced he wouldn’t be doing any Superlink products for M&M 2e after the new Superlink rules included a quality control clause.

  4. Weapoms of Starship Destruction 2.

    This uses information from Cosair (it looks like his section 15 is buggered) and he also uses closed content rules from “Mastering Iron Heroes”. If he’s this incompentent how is he still around.

  5. Haven: City of Should-be-Pulped

    …well, give the devil his due he is prolific*.

    I’m waiting for the Neo-Pulp Mechanized classic… Haven: City of Light Saber, which will hopefully incorporate closed content belonging to Lucas Arts.

    Please do it, Louis, please. You’re our only hope…

    *Where prolific solely refers to the vast swathes of material released.

  6. Re: Weapoms of Starship Destruction 2.

    Yeah, it was brought to my attention. Stupid Motherfucker can’t even get the Section 15 citation correct. How hard is a copy-and-paste?

    He’s still around simply because the owner of RPGNow is a nice guy….to a fault, really. I would’ve bounced him out on his ass months ago.

  7. Louis Porter had something with Haven: COV, which he seems to have squandered because, well, he’s not really that good. But the concept was decent. Too bad.

  8. Two disparate points from a black gamer

    1) Haven didn’t send me. At all. Clumsy rules and bad copyediting turned me off before anything else.

    2) “Period fic marginalizes people, so I’m not going to play that”? Seems counterproductive, all considered… if that’s his only stumbling block, he’d do much better tackling the genre with dynamic, exciting pulp heroes of color. Warren EllisSimon Spector‘s a fine example of bringing race into pulp without dominating the genre with tedious black and white bullshit, and I’ve had more fun playing black interpretations of everything from Tarzanlike jungle princes to singing cowboys to positronic multimillionaires without feeling cheated or marginalized.

    To sum up: he’s a jackass. But you knew that already.

  9. So when am I going to get to play Heroes of the New Wave or am I going to have to write the fucker myself?

    :|-) (like my Adam Ant paint job?)

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