The City Shuts Down….


Hope all of my NYC-area folks have hunkered down and stocked up. According to the news reports, as of 10a.m. this morning, this is already the 2nd-biggest blizzard in NYC history, and only 4 inches short of the record….with more snow expected today.

Once it’s done, though, enjoy it: There are few things in this world more lovely than the city after a fresh snow fall, before it turns all slushy and grey.

5 Replies to “The City Shuts Down….”

  1. My Mom is all provisioned and bunkered.
    She emailed me a pic of a yardstick in the snow…


    She asked when I’d be over to shovel, I told her I’d be by after I graduated in 2010.

  2. We had about two feet when I shoveled 4 hours ago, and it is still falling. Glad this is happening on a Sunday! We already need shoveling again…

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