So I finally managed to break through the site overload and get a look at my Johari page.

Interesting results….but this one stuck out:

Ron thinks: nervous, self-conscious, shy, tense, proud.

The fuck?

One, it’s pretty obvious that this person obviously doesn’t know me, or if he does, he’s just trying to be a dick.

If it’s the second category, and it’s the Ron I think it is, just add another reason to the “justification for slapping him around” list.

3 Replies to “WTF?”

  1. One could argue that if you open something like this up for people to give free, genuine input, you can’t then go round complaining about what they say. At the least it’ll put people off contributing. And raise your blood pressure over trivial things.

  2. probably should have Friends-locked *this* post, since my Friends understand who Ron is, and understand the reason for my post.

    If nothing else, it would have definitely cut down on the “unwanted suggestions from people who don’t know me, yet continue to read and post comments” factor.

  3. Point taken. I hope you’re OK with me reading silently, as I often enjoy the Friday music. I’ll take heed of any reply you post here.

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