Brief Update to “Amateur Dipshit”

Don’t bother following the “whining in public” link in my last post, folks.

Naturally, the kind folks at the forum in question didn’t like me coming over to defend myself, and so they:

1) deleted the thread


2) banned me from the forum.

Can’t have people who are being smeared actually show up and crash the party, ya know. No fun that way.

A couple of other people have emailed me to say that Amateur Dipshit had also posted a similar smear to his company’s yahoogroup email list….so now it has been broadcast to, wow, probably dozens.

Somehow, I think I can live with that.

4 Replies to “Brief Update to “Amateur Dipshit””

  1. But t wouldn’t be sniping _behind_ your back if you were actually there in person! And let’s give the guy a chance, that’s the biggest audience he’s ever going to have ;-)

  2. I notice you left out the part where you were not identified, where you broke the rules of the forum, where you ignored moderation and the part where you said you weren’t returning.

    What a petty little ass you are.

  3. Ladies & Gentlemen, the Admin of the Forum…..

    where you ignored moderation

    I didn’t receive any moderator messages the entire day that my account was active, so I have no fucking clue what you’re on about.

    and the part where you said you weren’t returning.

    True enough. I had no desire to participate in your little forum, apart from setting the record straight.

    What a petty little ass you are.

    …and thank you for demonstrating the class of The Le and his friends. Cheers.

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