Well-deserved Success

Writing Group folks, you’ll enjoy this:

announces his recent good fortune… The rights to The Lies of Locke Lamora have been nabbed by Warner Bros. in a “high-end” deal.

Right now, the only thing that is blocking Scott from total annihilation by my Laser-Beam-Vision of Total Seething Envy is the fact that he’s a pretty keen guy, TLoLL is a phenominal book, and the success is very much deserved.

7 Replies to “Well-deserved Success”

  1. Ah, come on! You come up with some inventive murder methods! I wanna be buggered to death by Marmots…..or maybe sewn into a bag with 106 rabid ducks and thrown into a barrel of wasabi peas…

    Come on….hook a brutha up!

  2. Marmots… marmots, now… yesssssss, that has promise…

    Okay, you win. Gangster films will forever have “the horse’s head scene.” Fantasy fiction will some day have “the marmot buggery scene…”

  3. Well, I don’t know you at all, Scott, but congrats. That’s immensely cool. I’ve got your book on my Amazon wishlist, so as soon as it’s out in the States I’ll pick up a copy.

  4. Thank you! Dang… a StarCraft novel… now there’s something I’d gleefully kidnap and murder someone for a chance to do… er, I mean, congrats!

  5. Thanks! Hey, when it comes out I’ll happily trade copies with you, if you’re interested.
    And, sadly, kidnap and murder don’t always win contracts anymore. :)

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