The History of the Amen Break

Anyone with an interest in electronic music, hip-hop or sampling will find this absolutely fascinating. Even if you’re not into those particular music forms, it’s an interesting bit of “audio sociology” —

A short documentary detailing the history of the “Amen Break,” –a drum loop from a relatively obscure 1969 record that was sampled extensively in early hiphop and other sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music — a six-second clip that spawned several entire musical subcultures.

Really interesting.

5 Replies to “The History of the Amen Break”

  1. I too, worship the Amen Break!
    I have many Trip-hop, Breakbeat, Jungle and the like CDs.
    I lived in LA 10 years ago and had access to many such,
    and even did some design for WorldDomination Recordings,
    now no longer in existence. *sigh*
    Ever heard of Aphix Twin?

  2. Now that it has been pointed out, I hear the break in all sorts of disparate places, sticking out like a sore thumb.

    Music is dead to me now; thank you.

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