Work-related: Adamant and Hero

Just finalized one of the deals I worked on at the GAMA Trade Show, and here’s the official press release:


April 2, 2006

Adamant Entertainment, the first name in Pulp d20, has entered into an exclusive agreement with San Francisco-based Hero Games, to produce d20 versions of Hero’s acclaimed line of pulp adventures. The adventures, originally released for use with Hero Games’ PULP HERO, will be re-statted for d20 and released as part of Adamant’s THRILLING TALES line.

“It seemed a natural fit,” said Gareth-Michael Skarka, owner of Adamant Entertainment. “With as little pulp gaming material as there is out there, most pulp gamers get as much material as they can, no matter what system, and convert it for their own campaign. This conversion agreement does the work for them — giving gamers who use THRILLING TALES or any other pulp d20 game immediate access to the astounding pulp adventures of Hero Games.”

The adventures will be released in PDF from Adamant Entertainment. The first release, SPEARS OF THE TISANGANI, will be available later this month, via Adamant Entertainment’s official sales sites: RPGNow, ENWorld GameStore and Drive-Thru RPG.

6 Replies to “Work-related: Adamant and Hero”

  1. Coolness. It’ll be even better when Hero actually has a line of adventures.

    (Though I heard some rumors of Aaron Allston doing something for the Pulp Hero line. Any truth to that?)

  2. Cool! I stand corrected. I haven’t looked at Hero stuff or their website since M&M wormed its way into my heart.

  3. Adamant comes through again!

    Congratulations on the line expansion! I just bought the PULP HERO setting materials a few weeks ago and had begun to convert portions of them myself; this will be a major time saver for running the adventures with my gaming group.

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