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was telling me about a band she discovered on her recent trip to NYC, called The Faint. I did a little bit of digging, and found out that a) They’re from Omaha, and b) both of the song she mentioned were from the same album: 2004’s Wet From Birth. I’ve been listening to it ever since. This is good stuff! As such, I’m going to post both of the songs she mentioned, so that you can get hooked like I did:

The Faint – “Desperate Guys.”

The Faint – “Erection.”

Last year I posted a couple of tracks from Kula Shaker–a couple of their Hindi ones. As I mentioned in those entries, the band bounced back and forth between those and neo-psychedelia, sounding like music from an alternate world where the popular music of the late 60s never faded. Here’s an example of that sound: Kula Shaker – “Into The Deep.”

I already played this for , but I know a bunch of you who will appreciate it: A slow jazz remake of Duran Duran– Dinah Eastwood – “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Another absolutely brilliant mash-up: This French DJ mixes the Jackson 5’s “ABC” with Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” and the Beatles’ “Lady Madonna”: DJ Moule – “ABC Breaker.”

This was a regular feature of my playlists in the early-to-mid 90s…a bizarre track by a Swedish group, which actually achieved minor one-hit-wonder status on MTV’s “120 Minutes” – Whale – “Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe.” I can figure out what “Hobo Humpin” is, but what the hell is “Slobo”?

Another mash-up — Two NYC DJs took early Frank Sinatra recordings and mixed them with raps by The Notorious B.I.G., producing a bootleg CD called Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy — some really well-done stuff. I’m going to apologize in advance for the misogynistic tone of this particular track, but that’s what you get when you mix a Rat Pack-era song about “Broads” with a Fuck-the-Ho’s anthem. Lyrical content aside, this is just a brilliant bit of cutting and mixing: Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy – “Nasty Boy/For Every Man There’s A Woman.”

Lastly, one of my favorite bands doing a cover of one of my favorite songs: Dresden Dolls – “Pretty In Pink.” I’d love to see a sequel to the movie, where it’s revealed that Molly Ringwald crashed and burned with Blaine and ended up with Duckie after all.

…and on that uplifting note, we end this week’s selections. Enjoy.

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  1. The Faint: Oh yes, I like very much. Omaha! Who’da thunk.

    I’d love to see a sequel to the movie, where it’s revealed that Molly Ringwald crashed and burned with Blaine and ended up with Duckie after all.

    Or just reinstate the original ending that ended like it should have before preview audiences got all whiney. Grump.

    (sorry about the deleted comment–forgot to close a tag)

  2. Oh my lord: Whale. They were all over my mix tapes in college. Kula Shaker is brilliant, and I actually heard ‘Wide Open Space’ by Mansun on earlier today. Now I gotta dig out that CD again :)

  3. In the tie-in novelization, they kept the original ending. I guess movie audiences didn’t like the “stick to your own kind” message and opted for the fairy tale.

  4. Yeah, so instead of a “stick to your own kind” message, we get a “stick with the rich kid who treats you like shit even though your best friend loves you with no reservation” lesson.

    That’s an improvement. *snort*

  5. Yep. There are very solid reasons why I disliked the majority of Molly Ringworms movies. Pretty in Pink was watchable only for the music and her friends…

    “…I tell ya, when he kissed me, my thighs went up in flames!…”

  6. I saw Whale once I think, HHSB was quite a hit at the time. I’ve even got the album somewhere. Kula Shaker were a big hit with students and always supported The Presidents of the United States of America but were seen as posh boys who would grow out of it and get jobs in the city/diplomatic corps (a bit like the Strokes then). Their website looks very nice though.

  7. Holy Crap! They’ve got a new EP out! I had no idea….I thought they had packed it in. Thank you so much for that link!

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