Just When I Think I’ve Seen Everything….

I’m sadly quite used to the occasional posting of some bit of conservative nonsense to the comments on this Journal.

I’m unrepentantly liberal, and that sort of pride tends to draw the occasional detractor, who feels the responsibility to broadcast the party line and shout down the opposing view.

Yesterday was a first, though.

Last night, some idiot decided that political vandalism wasn’t enough, and decided to post evangelical Christian bullshit.

They actually posted the old saw about Haiti being ‘dedicated to Satan’ and therefore cursed by God with poverty and strife.

The ignorance displayed by that is beyond my ability to summarize.

Suffice to say: If you think that I’m hard on conservative comments….just go ahead and keep posting Bible-thumper crap here. You have NO idea.

9 Replies to “Just When I Think I’ve Seen Everything….”

  1. I dunno. To some evangelical christians, I understand a commitment to Roman Catholicism is being dedicated to Satan. :)

  2. I read it as a joke. Not sure I’d call it “evangelical Christian bullshit” as it wasn’t backed up with anything of the sort.

  3. I read some of his journal but not his interests. Huh. Well then, maybe it wasn’t a joke.

    Still, I read it as such, and I know a few very Christian folks that still have their senses of humor. If it was humor, it was very dry (and I like dry); if it wasn’t humor, it was fucking dumb (and I hate dumb).

  4. Ninety percent of the fun is watching you react.

    I really try not to read your journal or respond. But it’s like a traffic accident, sometimes you just have to slow down and take a quick look.

    The first time I read your journal I think I responded (clearly without invite) with something fairly well reasoned and not intentionally confrontational. You went off so hard I was staggered.

    Now I just do it for kicks. I don’t even disagree with you on some topics. It’s just the anger you seethe is fascinating to me.

    Interestingly enough our common friend (who can disclose himself if he so chooses)told me he though we’d actually get along pretty well if we met. So, if you ever come to Gencon Indy I’d love to have a beer with you (yes, I go to bars!)

  5. Sorry….if you’re the sort of asshole who trolls for a reaction for kicks, I really don’t think we’d get along at all.

    …and with that, you become only the third person I’ve ever banned. Feel proud of yourself.

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