Viewing Party/Character Creation…..

OK, folks — here’s my idea.

I’d like to get together and walk through making characters for the forthcoming Dragon Fist playtest, and while we’re doing so, watch some wuxia films for inspiration.

I figure it will be an afternoon-into-night kinda deal. We can grab some Chinese take-out, etc.

Let me know which of these days works better for you:

Saturday, April 29th

Sunday, April 30th

Saturday, May 6th

Sunday, May 7th

Saturday, May 13th

Sunday, May 14th

I’ve got a bunch of wuxia film on VHS, a few more on DVD….., I’m sure you’ve got some as well.

Anyway — respond in comments.

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  1. Natalie and I cannot possibly do April 29th or May 13th. May 14th would be tough, as we have a friend in from out of town and it’s Mother’s Day. But if nothing else works, it’s possible. If we can bring our friend .

  2. If you mean the playtest itself, I first mentioned it in this post.

    If you mean the actual game….that’s because it hasn’t been released yet. See the above-linked post for more info.

  3. Huh…must have missed that in between all of the drama from every direction of late (it’s amazing how much I seem to just skip past right now because too much is happening). That sounds like an awesome game.

    Do you still have any room or do you have enough players? And on a similar vein…can I assume we’re not going to be playing Serenity anytime in the next month or so? Not that I have time until after the wedding and move and vacation etc anyway, but still…

  4. Correct assumption on Serenity, I think. Too much drama.

    But yeah — anybody who is on this special-nifty private filter (which includes you, obviously) who wants to play, is welcome to play.

  5. Keen! :)

    I’d love to play…but am pretty much booked with wedding and moving until after I get back from Texas on May 25th.

    And yeah with the drama…but hey…that just means that the Icarus is mine…muah ha ha… (mine is an evil laugh)

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