Cast List Posted

The cast list has been posted on the KCRF yahoo group….

Lisa Prosser-Dodd as Queen Elizabeth — she was the Tea Dutchess last year, and plays VERY well in the lanes. I remarked last year what a good Elizabeth she’d make, and I hope to be proven correct in that assessment.

was not cast. Jen Rao got the role of Marion, and they dropped the role of Fanny entirely. Jen will be good — she and were the strongest at the callbacks, and she’s got the whole married-to-Robin-Hood thing to use for method acting motivation!

There are a shocking number of TBAs all over the cast list…..I’m hoping that at some point the Entertainment staff will realize why they’re getting fewer and fewer people auditioning every year.

Looking forward to the Chess Match auditions in June….although if that doesn’t work out, I’m sure I can contact the E.D. in late July or so, with a Street character of my own design and a list of demands (self-rotating, no parade, etc.), and get aboard that way.

I’d still prefer a Stage Show. (Had an idea for a piratically-themed comedy duo called Flotsam & Jetsam….)

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  1. Lisa Prosser-Dodd as Queen Elizabeth….

    That is the best news for KCRF that I’ve heard in a long time! She is an absolute doll and is best person for the job. That give me hope for the faire, it really does!

    I think she’s about the only person I can see dealing with all those “pearl necklace” references with anything approaching a straight face.

    She is, afterall, a professional counsellor.

    Now if I can only lure a few of the non-cast folks to my court at White Hart Faire…one lady in waiting and one serving lady and one gentleman for two weekends does not a well-rounded Court make!

  2. I sent a replay email to Jessica. I wasn’t anywhere on the list, either, and am wondering if I’ve been cut.

    OK, I’ve always got Muskogee, but …

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