Joy of Joys

I had hoped that Ryan Dancey’s appearance in the comments of my LJ would be limited to my Fark-linked game industry analysis post.

But no such luck.

Today, the Game Industry version of Jack Abramoff has taken it upon himself to comment on a political post of mine from last week, where, among other things, he espouses the virtues of Trickle-down Economics.

You can view the exchange here.

Now where did I put my spray can of UNETHICAL-SLIME-B-GONE?

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  1. He pulled the same line of crap on Tweet’s blog a couple years ago.

    I was going to quote some of it here, but really, it needs to be seen in its entirety to be believed. Democrats believe the worst in people, Republicans don’t abide a liar (unlike the Democrats who “sanction” liars), Republicans want to be “good stewards of the public trust”. Democrats are castigated for “forgiving” people who lie, but it’s Republicans who believe in the good in people and that “redemption is possible” and on and on and on.

    For example:

    My personal favorite was this one from May 2004, in response to Jonathan’s comment, “Better to be beholden to teachers’ unions than to big oil.”

    Says Ryan, Wow could I not disagree more. I’d much rather be beholden to a group that has problems with a crappy record of environmental cleanup and safety but still delivers a gallon of gasoline to the pump at a price cheaper than most bottled water than to a group that is holding the future of the whole nation hostage to a liberal social agenda and the politics of personal power.

  2. Hahaha. Thanks for the link, Nik. This bit, right here, is classic:

    Frankly, I’m glad we don’t have a government based on absolute majority in the popular vote. Because if we did, we’d have a government that pandered to the people in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and California, and the rest of the country would just be out of luck.

    Yeah. The government would “pander” to those places with a large populations. Crazy, man. CRAZY. Why, if we have a government based on the actual majority vote–MY GOD!–it may end up representative of the people. WE DO NOT WANT THAT.

  3. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    I am particularly proud of my most recent reply to him, however, regarding his statement about why he votes Republican:

    “….and here I thought it was because of a shared propensity for illegal eavesdropping.”

    As the kids say: Oh SNAP.

  4. True, but it’s kinda fun to smack him around a bit. Pent-up frustration for the slimy bullshit he’s pulled in the industry over the past few years…..

  5. Then enjoy your political cat toy so long as it amuses you. But remember, no getting pissy if you’ve been baiting the troll…


  6. Is this the same guy who hacked the GAMA mailing list before being elected to the GAMA Board and then resigned in disgrace?

    If so, his take on the administration is really not a surprise.

  7. Completely off topic post but I thought I’d mention here (in a private thread) as opposed to on your adamantenter LJ.

    I just read Buccaneers & Bokor as Buccaneers & Bukkake!


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