The “Liberal” Media, At It Again….

Some fairly big news from yesterday, that’s getting barely noticed: A 27-year veteran of the CIA grilled Rumsfeld during a public appearance in Georgia (that well-known hotbed of radical liberals). Ray McGovern asked him why he lied about the run-up to the Iraq war, and quoted Rumsfeld’s own words back to him, before behind ushered out by security. Read the transcript or watch the video at the above-linked page.

The thing that I think is noteworthy, apart from a multi-decade CIA veteran publicly questioning Rumsfeld on his bullshit, is the fact that McGovern was just one of several people at that event who protested…there were four other people who either asked him pointed questions (including the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq), interrupted him with shouting, or (in one man’s case) stood quietly with their back to him in silent protest. ….and this was in GEORGIA, folks. NASCAR country. As Red as Red States get.

So, is this all over the news?

Of course not. And when it is, it’s being spun to death: Paula Zahn interviewed McGovern on CNN yesterday, and not only went with the whole “hostile war critic” angle, but actually defended Rumsfeld in her questions. Example question: “How much of an ax do you have to grind with Secretary Rumsfeld?” This is our Media, folks. Whores to the powers-that-be.

Today, has a video report, titled “Rumsfeld faces tough questions”, buried in their “POLITICS” section. Their lead story, with big photos and extra coverage? Did Ted Kennedy’s son, Rhode Island Democrat Patrick Kennedy, get away with Drunk Driving last night? That’s right, voters….LOOK! OHNOES!!! DRUNKEN DEMOCRATS!!! He’s a Kennedy too, ya know. (Wink wink).

What’s that? 27-year veteran of the CIA asking public questions with proof that the Administration lied to us to start a war? Multiple protests occuring at a high-security event in the heart of Conservative America? Shush.

Did we show you the DRUNK DEMOCRAT???

4 Replies to “The “Liberal” Media, At It Again….”

  1. if you didn’t watch the footage of Steven Colbert at the annual white house correspondent’s dinner, you must.

    you can find it through . Colbert has the biggest balls in the world. My gut told me so.

  2. I stopped watching CNN a few years ago, when it became apparent that news had become less of a priority than opinion and covering their own asses.

    Thank you for the post– I suspect if nothing else it will may make it onto Countdown w/Keith Olberman on MSNBC, as they tend to catch a lot of that which slips through the cracks on other networks

  3. Don’t even get me started on the fact that Media hasn’t covered that….since they were the target as much as Bush was, they’ve decided to go with the “he wasn’t funny” meme.

  4. You know, you’d have thought those damn Democrats would have sobered up enough not to go out and get caught drunk driving so the media hasn’t got the excuse not to look elsewhere for the news!

    When will they learn…

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