4 Replies to “More Outrage on the Way….”

  1. Next week? He could have any number of mysterious accidents before then. I hope he’s already started talking!

    I’m only kind of being flippant here, too. There’s a deeper fear that he’ll either be prevented from talking, or in fact, his info won’t actually be that shocking.

  2. Dammit, where are our rockerboys with Charismatic Leadership 12 when you need them?

    Come on Johnny Silverhand, write us a song or 8 and get the word out!

  3. Johnny’s new Album ‘Big Hair, Big Government’ comes out in a week, we interviewed him in his suite at the Night City Hilton, but he was plugged into a virtual reality unit boinking his undead AI girlfriend.

    We tried talking to his longtime friend Morgan Blackhand, but he’d unaccountable turned into a plastic action figure.

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