25 Replies to “Actual, No-Foolin’, Deleted Biggs Scene from Star Wars”

  1. Seeing as how important Biggs was to why Luke wanted to get off planet, I was always surprised there wasn’t something in the first (fourth) movie.

  2. I don’t know, but I do know that when they did the radio adaptation that played on NPR many years back (in 13 chapters, I believe, of 1/2 hour each) they put in all the character background stuff that was missing from the original theatrical release of the film.

    Of course I think someone needs to get Lucas something new to do so he stops fiddling with his past creations, like Spielberg, he doesn’t understand that a movie is a non-changing creation, not a serial being rewritten into obscurity on a blog somewhere!

  3. The novelization had this scene, and there was a picture from it in ‘The Star Wars Storybook’ that Scholastic printed as well. So I guess the only place it didn’t ‘exist’ was in the actual movie. I’m just glad to see it, as when Lucas re-released the films, this is the big one that I was hoping he would clean up and stick back in. He didn’t, of course.

  4. Aparrently, it’s from a PC CD-ROM, called Behind the Magic.

    Aside from that, I don’t think you can save YouTube files — they’re flash-based and embedded in the page, I think.

  5. Re: And the big evil of the Empire is…

    Well, the REALLY big evil is to blow up planets. But nationalizing of Moisture farming would really hurt a lot of people, while not killing them.

    That would also be bad.

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Koo Stark the “soft core porn” actress that Prince Andrew dallied with before he married Fergie?


  7. Re: And the big evil of the Empire is…

    Blowing up markets is simply a means to nationalize commerce. Especially competing ones.

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